Frequently asked questions

Why is a professional headshot important

First impressions matter in the digital age. Whether it's on your LinkedIn profile or a web page, your photo is the first thing people look at. A confident and approachable headshot helps determine whether someone wants to talk to you in real life.

If you’ve never had a professional headshot taken before, now is a good time! Once you have a professional headshot, get it updated every couple of years or whenever there’s a noticeable change in your appearance.

When should I get a headshot

WHAT IF I hate having my picture taken

I know that most people are not comfortable in front of a camera. Neither am I, that is why I choose to be behind it! Yet one of the first things you will hear my clients say about their session is how much they surprisingly enjoyed it. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and take an authentic image that elicits a positive reaction when others see it. Basically, I am a goof ball and I crack you up and take a photo.

A great, authentic expression. The right angles that shows you at your very best. Flattering lighting. What do your eyes say? That is the key. You want your headshot to convey confidence and approachability. Unless you are coming here for a mugshot. Do you need to smile? Not if you don’t want to. But I am pretty funny, so that might be hard to do. 😜

What makes a great headshot

A headshot is supposed to be a zoom-in on your face, whereas a portrait shows your upper body as well. Portraits do not work well because when they are shrunk down to the size needed for a profile photo, your face is too small for people to distinguish your features. If you see a full body portrait on LinkedIn, you cannot even tell what color someone's eyes are.

How is a headshot different from a portrait

This style was perfected by the headshot guru (and my mentor) Peter Hurley because it helps focus attention on the features that matter the most: your eyes and mouth. They tell people everything they need to know.

Why can't I see the top of people's heads in your images

As the top headshot photographer in Connecticut, my schedule is pretty full. Unless you select a rushed delivery option, please have patience as it can take 1-2 weeks to publish your gallery and 1-2 weeks to refinish the image(s) you choose.

When can I expect to see the images after my session

Not usually. The lighting in my studio is top of the line and the most flattering for a headshot. It also does not rain in my studio.

Do you shoot pictures outside

As much as it takes. I’m serious about my satisfaction guarantee, so we’ll keep going until we’ve got a few special headshots for you to choose from. Before you leave you’ll know I succeeded in bringing out your best.

How many photos do you take

I know you’re busy, so I try to work fast. However, since we won’t stop until we’re satisfied that I’ve brought out your best, it depends. On average, I would say 20 minutes give or take. If you request a makeup artist, plan for 30-60 minutes more, and if you book a session with an outfit change plan for 20 minutes extra per outfit.

How long does it take

Of course they’re welcome! I want the experience to be as comfortable and easy for you as possible, and friends & family can help. Children are invited to tag along too.



What format are the digital images

I will email the final files straight to your inbox.

How do I download my headshot files

By having your headshot digital files you have complete freedom to get them printed or transferred however you want. I’d rather not interfere with that freedom, so I’m sticking to 100% digital.

Do you offer prints, discs, or drives

I think this anecdote from Jordy Matter illustrates why it’s so important to not just avoid selfies like the plague but also only hire the best possible headshot photographer:

When I first moved to NYC, I was an actor looking for headshots. I chose to go the inexpensive route. Then I met an agent who immediately sent me out to get ‘professional headshots’. "Looks like you used a bottom feeder," the agent said. "Is your career that unimportant to you?" So instead of saving money, I had to pay twice! I didn't realize how limiting my cheap headshots were until I got new ones, and doors started to open.

Why can’t i just take a selfie

Yes. She is top notch! And from working with her, she know just the right amount and look that works for the style of headshots I take.

Should I hire your makeup artist

What are your cancellation, rescheduling, and no-show policies

No show = no refund.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a session

Check my calendar. If I have a spot open tomorrow, feel free to book it!

After you’ve booked a session I will send you some pointers about how to prepare to bring out your best.

How do I prepare for my headshot session?