Have you been avoiding getting a headshot like a trip to the dentist? The thought of a camera up close & personal can make even the most confident person self-conscious about their appearance. Almost everyone who walks into my studio tells me they’re either not photogenic or don’t like the way they look in pictures. So if you feel that way, you’re not alone. Now, take a deep breath. You’ve come to the right place.



Professional guarantee

Your fabulous headshots begin with my five promises to you:

  1. I promise that when you’re in my studio you will be the center of my world. As far as I’m concerned you are the ‘most talented, most interesting, most extraordinary person in the universe’.

  2. I promise to spend as little or as much time as needed for headshots you love.

  3. I promise to honor & respect your fears & hangups. This is a No Judgment Zone!

  4. I promise to listen to your concerns & make retouching edits until you’re happy.

  5. I promise 100% satisfaction with my work or your money back.


You deserve the best

I sincerely believe that everyone deserves to have a picture of themselves that they can feel good about, and that’s why I’m dedicated full-time to headshot photography. As one of only 150 (+/-) associates of world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley, you simply can’t find any other true headshot specialist between Boston & New York.

What Others Are Saying

Something magical happens when there’s good chemistry in the studio, an experience I’m excited to share with you. I know it’s hard to believe a photo session can actually be fun, so please check out my reviews. With the most 5-star reviews in Connecticut, I’m happy to let them do the talking for me.


On The Fence? Five Easy Steps

  1. Choose me as your headshot photographer. If you’re going to spend your valuable time & money, it just doesn’t make sense to settle for less than the best.

  2. Find a date & time that works for you in my online scheduling calendar. If for some reason you can’t find an opening that works for you, call me @ 860-937-2124.

  3. Book your session.

  4. Show up for your headshots. Have fun.

  5. Choose your favorite photos to keep.




invest in yourself

A professional headshot is an investment that can open doors to new connections. With a great headshot, every day is a good hair day and every smile is warm & approachable. Presenting yourself on your terms — you at your very best — places you in control of your personal & professional reputation. If you want to leave a lasting impression and connect with new opportunities, put your best face forward.

stand out

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. When a click is all it takes to lose someone’s attention, your profile photo is the key to welcoming people to connect with you. A good headshot captures the glint in your eyes and the shape of your smile. It conveys your personality and what makes you special. If you want to stand out from the crowd, a professional headshot is the best place to begin.


$300 Session Fee

Conveniently schedule online

No time constraints

Unlimited outfit changes

As many poses as you like

Wardrobe consultation & selection

Personal expression coaching & direction



$75 / imagE

Post-session, in-depth headshot review

High resolution digital files

Images in various crops

Color + black & white

Professional retouching

5 - 7 business day turnaround


ONE OF A KIND experience

Your time. We will spend as much or as little time as you like capturing your headshots. If you’re in a rush, no problem. If you need extra handholding, I can do that too.

Your images. After your session, we sit down together to review all of your images. Together, we will select images to precisely meet your needs. You get to decide which images to purchase and have retouched.

Your session. Like a day at the spa, this is supposed to be all about you. I’ll do whatever it takes to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Your look. Perhaps you want to try different clothes or hair. Maybe you want to smile in some but not in others. Point is, you will look awesome in all of your pictures, and I want to give you options to choose from.

Linkedin PROFILE Photo

A headshot is more than just a pretty face. It can be seen online by hundreds or thousands of people per day. As more of our lives go online you might never even meet important people in your life face to face. For them, the headshot is who you are. Luckily, the headshot you’ll get from me will bring out your best.

Professional headshot

My clients all share something in common: they don’t settle for less than the best. That’s why they choose the best headshot photographer between Boston & New York. But don’t take my word for it. My portfolio & reviews speak for themselves. Then decide for yourself: Do you want the best?

Personal branding

Wherever you need to put a face to a name, you can use your professional headshot: your website, corporate directory, online listings, business cards, speaker bio, presentations, advertising, and more. Boost your brand with a professional headshot that shows off the best version of you.


Professional headshots for everyone in your organization can ensure consistency and quality in employee portraits. I have offered my services to law firms, healthcare providers, real estate agencies, and more to help them achieve a unified brand image and complete staff directory.


Business Portrait

“I don’t want anyone to notice how special I am” said no one ever. If you want a higher profile job or more clients you’ll need to stand out from the competition. A headshot that conveys approachability and confidence will show the world that you’re a success, and everyone loves a winner.

Whether you choose to smile or prefer a serious expression, your business headshot will exude quality and professionalism.

The bottom line is you can’t get to a close without a good open. Investing in a professional headshot ensures you’ll get a return on first impressions.


Corporate headshot

Corporate headshots aren’t just for the employees of large companies. They’re also for doctor’s offices, law firms, real estate agencies, non-profits, and any organization with a staff that cares about its image.

Company headshots are about branding and team cohesion. With a consistent quality & composition, you can be sure that they will burnish your brand and help bring your team together.

I am happy to take team headshots of your staff on location, as well as environmental portraits of employees and group photos.



No matter whether you’re an actor, model, acting student, or opera singer you’ve got a personal brand to manage. And it all starts with first impressions. If you’re shooting for the stars, shouldn’t you look like one?

If you’re on stage, chances are there’s a Playbill or program with your face in it. You might even be on the cover. So, a theatrical headshot isn’t just about your comp card, it’s about what your audience takes home.

My headshot photography studio has the best lighting in the business, and I will be your acting coach as I help pose you for the camera.


  • Business Cards

  • Marketing

  • LinkedIn

  • Team Bios

  • Executive Portraits

  • Employee Directory

  • Staff Profiles


  • Comp Card

  • Portfolio

  • Character Headshot

  • Theatrical Headshot

  • Commercial Headshot

  • Dramatic Headshot

  • Lifestyle Images


  • Dating Sites / Apps

  • Social Media

  • Side Gigs

  • Book Jacket

  • Resume / CV

  • Online Profiles

  • Email Signature


  1. Realize that having an awesome headshot is going to take you places.

  2. Book a session directly onto my calendar.

  3. Receive an email with a link to read up on tips & tricks for a fabulous headshot.

  4. Arrive at my studio.

  5. Relax and have fun… over 60 five-star reviewers can’t be wrong!

  6. Get coached on expression & posture while I tackle the lighting, angles, and positioning.

  7. Look at images in realtime on my laptop. Seeing how approachable, confident, and authentic you look will bring it all out even more!

  8. Don’t worry about the clock. We keep going until you’ve got all the looks, outfits, and backgrounds you need. Then we pick out which images you want to keep.

  9. In 5-7 days imagine a magical voice announcing “You’ve got mail!” and open up an email full of the best darn headshots you’ve ever seen.

  10. Basking in the afterglow of everyone clicking “like” on your headshot, write a review online, tell your friends & family, and pay it forward!


Raise Your Profile

My headshots have helped clients ask for a promotion, attract new customers, get their application accepted, sell more, and raise their professional profiles. Beyond careers, my headshots have helped folks feel like a new person, get noticed online, and go on more dates.

The Face of Your Brand

For corporate accounts, high quality images that are regularly updated for printing on employee badges are in fact a sensible safety & security precaution. For remote & virtual teams, headshots are an irreplaceable lifeline of connection since they may never meet face to face.

Your Best Self

Time and again, I’ve seen that a headshot is more than a headshot when you see your best self reflected back at you. Looking good and feeling good about yourself can be a transformational experience that only leads to bigger and better things!






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