Corporate Head shots

Why do I need corporate headshots

Whether you need headshots for internal directories, customer-facing websites, or social media there is a tremendous value to ensuring that your headshots are consistent and of high quality. Your brand and the image your employees project are intertwined. If you want a public perception of quality and your staff to embody your values, professional headshots are a great place to start.


Do you go on location

Yes. Please contact me for details. Have camera, will travel.


Do you offer group pricing

Yes. I offer a volume discount. Please contact me for details. Photographers are standing by.


Do you do group photos

Yes. More often than not, companies ask me to take group photos of their teams.


Can you take photos around the office

Yes. Also known as environmental portraits, I am happy to take photos of your team on the job. Whether at their desk, in a meeting, or at the copier I can help you show customers that you mean business.


How far will you go

I am willing to travel to wherever you need me. Once we figure out the travel time involved I will adjust the on location fee accordingly.


Do you do events

I am happy to set up a popup studio at your next event. This can be a great marketing tactic at convention booths as well as a fun activity for employee get-togethers. I have even been invited to speak at events where companies raffled gift certificates for headshots at my studio.