Cara Paiuk

As for some other information about me, I originally hail from Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Los Angeles to study nuclear medicine technology. So how did I get here, you might wonder.

I eventually moved to New York, met my husband, traveled all over the map with him. We moved a few more times and in the midst of it all, had a son and twin girls. I also left my corporate job to be my own boss. I wrote a bunch of articles, appeared on the news, told a couple of stories at storytelling events, started a vegan cheese company, and a few others things. I also took photos of my kids, a lot of them, maybe even too many of them if that is possible.


Friends started asking if I would take photos of their kids so I did that briefly. Once they started asking if I could do their headshots, I found my true love. I love taking people’s headshots. I love capturing their best self. Whether sporting a genuine smile or sly smirk, I love how surprised and utterly delighted people are when they discover that they too can get a picture that makes them feel great about themselves.


Go Team Red!

When you are the photographer in the family, you often aren’t in the pictures. I am working on that, but until then, Instagram gets to be bombarded with snapshots of my adorable kids. They all have red hair since my husband and I are gingers, so they had no choice in the matter really. One of our goals is to either attend the big redhead get-together in Ireland one day or found the League of Extraordinary Redheads.

My Passion

My photographs have appeared on websites and in newspapers, on book shelves and on walls. I have taken photographs on four different continents and across the decades. I have always loved taking photos of places, people and doors (I can’t explain it but I love taking pictures of doors in foreign countries). One thing always stays the same though: my love of taking photos of people and their faces. Everyone's face tells a story. Let's tell yours.

PH Associate graphic.jpg

My Focus

I studied under the world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley and am an associate photographer of the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew (the only one in Connecticut). I was thrilled when my former editor at the New York Times asked to use a headshot I had taken of her for her book jacket. I am also extremely proud to have have taken many of my elected officials’ headshots, some of whose testimonials you can see here.


My Philosophy

You want the very best, don't you? When you want to buy a new car, you wouldn't go to a mattress store, right? What sets me apart is I am 100% focused on headshots. I learned from the best in the business, got certified, and train some more every week. My lights are specific for headshots, my studio is designed for headshots, and my state-of-the-art camera lenses are optimized for headshots. I spend so much time looking at headshots that I see things no one else can, and my retouching skills are second to none.

But there’s something even more important than technical skill and world-class equipment, something that truly sets apart the best headshot photographers from the rest of the pack. You might call it people skills, I just call it my personality. But what I know for a fact is that only the best headshot photographers know how to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, loosen up, and flash a smile. I know

most people don't like getting their photo taken. (Neither do I, which is why I choose to be behind the camera!) You may think you aren't photogenic or you’re self-conscious about your appearance. I get it. But here’s the thing. This isn’t a glamour shot. Headshots are about being authentic and showing your best self. I guarantee that if you’re wondering whether there will even be one photo you will like, you will be dazzled to find there are so many you like you can hardly choose!

There are no time limits for my sessions because I want to give you all the time you need for outfit changes and different poses, but I don't need 20 minutes to get to know you and help you feel comfortable with me. If you’re in a hurry, you will still feel comfortable the moment you meet me. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a fun time with me during the shoot. Surprising, right? I have to pinch myself to believe it sometimes too, so definitely check out my google reviews and see what other people have to say. It’s very consistent, and it’s all true.

My studio is at my home, so you can put your feet up, relax, and I will even make you coffee if you need an afternoon pick-me-up. During the workday it is nice and quiet here (although I have been known to play some Tom Petty). On the weekends or at night, although I bribe my kids to not be seen or heard, you’re in for a treat if they don’t listen. They are seriouly the best entertainment ever and will make you LOL.

By all means, do your research when looking for someone who can capture your essence. But I ask two things. If you choose someone else, when you aren’t thrilled with their work come back to me and I will try to fix it for you. And, if you’re not convinced after this and still want to shop around, call me so I can give you some great questions to ask any headshot photographer.

You are trusting me with the face you put forth in the world. I honor and respect that and I will keep going until you are 100% thrilled with your headshots. I look forward to seeing you, and I look forward to helping you see yourself in the best possible light!