Cara Paiuk

As for some other information about me, I originally hail from Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Los Angeles to study nuclear medicine technology. So how did I get here, you might wonder.

I eventually moved to New York, met my husband, traveled all over the map with him. We moved a few more times and in the midst of it all, had a son and twin girls. I also left my corporate job to be my own boss. I wrote a bunch of articles, appeared on the news, told a couple of stories at storytelling events, started a vegan cheese company, and a few others things. I also took photos of my kids, a lot of them, maybe even too many of them if that is possible.


Friends started asking if I would take photos of their kids so I did that briefly. Once they started asking if I could do their headshots, I found my true love. I love taking people’s headshots. I love capturing their best self. Whether sporting a genuine smile or sly smirk, I love how surprised and utterly delighted people are when they discover that they too can get a picture that makes them feel great about themselves.


Go Team Red!

When you are the photographer in the family, you often aren’t in the pictures. I am working on that, but until then, Instagram gets to be bombarded with snapshots of my adorable kids. They all have red hair since my husband and I are gingers, so they had no choice in the matter really. One of our goals is to either attend the big redhead get-together in Ireland one day or found the League of Extraordinary Redheads.

My Passion

My photographs have appeared on websites and in newspapers, on book shelves and on walls. I have taken photographs on four different continents and across the decades. I have always loved taking photos of places, people and doors (I can’t explain it but I love taking pictures of doors in foreign countries). One thing always stays the same though: my love of taking photos of people and their faces. Everyone's face tells a story. Let's tell yours.

PH Associate graphic.jpg

I studied under the world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley and am an associate photographer of the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew (the only one in Connecticut). I was thrilled when my former editor at the New York Times asked to use a headshot I had taken of her for her book jacket. I am also extremely proud to have have taken many of my elected officials’ headshots, some of whose testimonials you can see here.