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the best Swag

Everyone knows you need to give away swag to attract attendees at a convention. But how do you stand out when others are offering pens, frisbees, and water bottles galore? Easy. The same way you get every customer: by giving them something of value… and everyone needs a professional headshot these days.

Attention deficit

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. That’s especially true at a trade show. With hundreds of different booths to explore and a limited amount of time, if you can’t grab someone’s attention and give them a reason to stick around, you’ve lost that lead forever.

problem Solved

A popup headshot studio gives you the perfect vehicle to drive conference traffic to your booth, draw people in, and gain time to nurture your leads. As folks stand in line (or sit in a lounge) waiting for their turn in front of the camera, you gain an opportune moment to engage them in a relaxed conversation. As they pose for the camera, you enjoy a unique chance to joke around to get them to crack a smile. And as they sign up to receive their digital images, you strike expo gold as you are guaranteed to capture accurate contact information.

How it works

  1. We travel to you anywhere in the world

  2. Give us just a little bit of space on the floor

  3. We set up a turnkey mobile popup studio with commercial lighting and backdrops

  4. Visitors sign up for a headshot on our iPad, sharing their contact information

  5. We spend 1 - 2 minutes per person, 8 hours / day (that’s over 400 high quality leads per day!)

  6. You have the perfect reason to follow up after the event with their images to share

Optional add-ons

  • Branded backdrop

  • Branded website gallery

  • Branded signup form

  • Extended hours

From $8950 / day + travel