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What To Wear

I only take pictures from your upper torso up, so if you want to wear Bermuda shorts and sandals be my guest! But seriously, one of the most important things to consider is that you feel comfortable. If your clothes are choking you or causing internal bleeding, it will be a lot harder to flash a genuine smile. Wear something that you feel good in.

The other guideline to note is that clothes and jewelry are supporting actors. Your face is the super star, and anything that distracts or detracts from that is counterproductive. So that means no large or flashy jewelry, crazy ties, eye-popping patterns, shiny or sheer fabrics, conspicuous logos, wrinkly shirts, puffy jackets, or low-cut necklines.

Say yes to solids, timeless ties, classic/traditional fashion choices, fitted clothing, and dark colors. In any event, bring different outfit choices with you and I can help mix & match the best ones.


Don’t freak out about a zit that suddenly popped up overnight. I have a trick up my sleeve even better than Windex called “post-processing”. What I do need you to worry about is moisturizing and staying properly hydrated. If I can help make this a habit even beyond our session together you can thank me in 20 years. Also — believe me I know this is easier said than done — try to get a good night’s rest. I can edit some bags under your eyes but not the baggage retrieval system at Heathrow. Lastly, avoid prolonged sun exposure, tanning beds, and cosmetic procedures for at least 2 days beforehand.


If you want a fresh haircut, a few days beforehand is better than the day of the shoot. Having your hair styled or blown out at a salon right before the session is always helpful in having a “good hair day.” Bring a hair elastic/tie if you want to try putting your hair up for some shots, and if you normally wear product in your hair bring that too. If you don’t like sharing combs/brushes with other people, think about bringing your own.


Men generally have it easy but there is still some work to be done. Facial hair: You may have never done this before, but there’s a first time for everything. Try to tame your eyebrows and trim your nose hair. I can brush lint off you and adjust your collar, but I draw the line at clipping unruly nose hair. Beard/mustache: if you recognize you’re not the best groomer, stop by a barber shop for a trim. If you’re a DIY kind of guy, remember to shave closely with lotion and a sharp blade to avoid nicks & cuts.

Shirt, Tie, Jacket

If you are not going for a casual look bring different ties, solid colored shirts, and suit jacket combinations. A bad tie can ruin a great headshot so bring a few to choose from. Avoid jackets with shoulder pads. Collars should be straight and crisp, fitting snuggly around your neck with no gaps. Try to bring freshly dry cleaned or ironed clothes and do your best to keep them clean.


  • No hard-edged eyeliner; make it soft & blended.

  • Eyebrows should be natural. Try to avoid harsh lines and a pencilled-in look.

  • Neutral color eyeshadow or none at all.

  • No smoky eye effect with your eyeshadow.

  • Lip color a bit darker than natural shade.

  • Glossy (not matte) lipstick.

  • Bronzer/blush should be applied sparingly.

  • No false eyelashes (unless you wear them daily)

  • Wear mascara and curl your eyelashes.

  • Blend! I can't over-emphasize this. Blend, blend, and blend some more.

Makeup Artist

If you want to look better than you ever thought possible, you should seriously consider adding the professional makeup artist to your session package. She is a wonder worker! I have witnessed her transform ordinary people into jaw-dropping supermodels. And she can accomplish this while making it seem like you have hardly any makeup on at all! There are things makeup can do which are not possible to accomplish through retouching without making you look plastic.

Video Tutorials

If you want bonus points, I encourage you to watch these videos about jaw placement and eye squinching. If you can master the squinch (practice in the mirror), you will dial up your headshots from a perfect 10 to an earth-shattering 11.

During Your Session

In order to get the best possible headshot, we will try different combinations of angles, lighting, poses, and expressions. I have a laptop tethered to my camera so I can show you samples to make sure you are happy with the results so far and to make any adjustments you desire along the way. This is a collaborative effort so please don’t be shy about telling me if there’s something you don’t like about the way you look; I am here to bring out your best and nothing less.


I will perform light retouching on your digital images. My goal is to show the best version of you, highlight your best features, and naturally remove any blemishes. I will gladly edit stray hairs, shave a few pounds, and soften wrinkles, but I can’t make you look how you did in your high school yearbook.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your headshot, we can try again. A do-over is free as long as the reason you’re dissatisfied is related to something I can control. In other words, if you don’t like your headshot because of your outfit, makeup, hairdo, or phenotype, there will be a re-booking fee assessed. But if you didn’t like your headshot because I didn’t bring out your best, it’s on me.

Pay It Forward

If you like your headshots and enjoy your session with me, I’d greatly appreciate a review on Google, Yelp, and/or Facebook. Word of mouth is especially important for photographers, so if you send someone my way I’m sure they will be very grateful as will I.